10 Dec 2018

Choice Housing recently hosted an Advisory Group Consultation to support the Together: Building a United Community Strategy/Housing for All.

Choice provides shared housing in Ballynahinch and Saintfield and the Advisory Group met to discuss the development and delivery of Good Relations in these two local areas.

The meeting took place at the Millbrook Lodge Hotel Ballynahinch and those attending were made up of representation from the Statutory/Voluntary/Community Sector and local Councillor’s and MLA’s.

Choice was enthused to see so many partners in attendance. The meeting was lively and identified time bound projects which contribute to the promotion of good relations in the Saintfield and Ballynahinch areas and include opportunities for Ballymaglave Court, Ballynahinch, Manse Court Saintfield and both local communities, to work together, arrange community events and support projects within the two areas.”

Sharon Hunt, Community Support Officer for Choice Housing.